October 19 - Thank U

"Thank U" appeared on the Love songs album in December 2010. It includes lyrics that appear to refer to phrases in past songs, which makes it an effective summary of fan support over the course of Ayu's career. The lyrics are very touching even without a link to songs like "SURREAL" and "Daybreak," as proven by the extremely stripped-down version of the song performed at ayu's POWER of MUSIC 2011 tour after the 3.11 earthquake and tsunami.

October 17 - ANGEL'S SONG

ANGEL'S SONG was first heard, with its key slightly higher, in a commercial for Panasonic D-Snap music players in October 2003.

You can see the rather ridiculous commercial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UP2MsObp2IY

October 15 - walking proud

"walking proud" first appeared to the public in a commercial for Panasonic Dockin' Style MD players in late 2004.

You can see the CM here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nSwNvKVR5g

October 12 - Dolls

"Dolls" is an atmospheric, classically-influenced pop ballad in 6/8 time with a graceful feel, almost like a ballerina dancing on water. It utilizes repetition and a very organized structure, avoiding the "stream of consciousness" style lyrics more typical of Ayu up to that point. The song was inspired by "Beat" Takeshi Kitano's film Dolls, a stylized art film involving three abstract and barely interwoven love stories which Ayu enjoyed. The film was the subject of Ayu's interview with Beat Takeshi on her show ayu ready? in late 2002.

October 10 - Red Line ~For TA~

Originally included on the You were.../BALLAD single in late 2009, an album version of "Red Line ~For TA~" appeared on Rock'n'Roll Circus in Spring 2010. The album version's mix is a bit altered, and the outro includes an acapella reprise of part of the chorus.

The lyrics in quotation marks were included (in an earlier form) on a TeamAyu blog entry in October 2009 addressed to a fan who had written to Ayu, causing her to be concerned for their safety and happiness.

October 7 - For My Dear...

"For My Dear..." was Ayu's 4th single, and was first heard in a commercial for Morinaga Meringue Chocolat (which was filmed at the same time as some scenes in the video).

See the CM here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCB7630R12s

October 2 - girlish

"girlish" is a sing-songy studio live recording by Ayu and the lineup of her live band at the time, including Yo-chan on guitar, Enrique on bass, Shingo Kobayashi on Keyboards, and Kaoru Abe on drums. Ayu opted not to include the song lyrics in the album booklet, so the translation below is based on what's audible. Hopefully it's accurate to Ayu's intentions!

Hear the song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-H3abO18EY


October 1 - Terminal

"Terminal", produced by longtime collaborator and friend Armin van Buuren, was one of the EDM tracks included on 2014's Colours. This good old-fashioned anthem trance number has minimal lyrics, but as with many of her interlude tracks, Ayu says a lot in this short poem.

A CD single of the song was released without much fanfare and included a dub mix & short remix version.

Hear the song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9q4ZsP6e9M


September 30 - Two of us

This sentimental post-breakup musing was the c/w song on the Depend on you single. Both songs were used as themes for the dating sim RPG "Thousand Arms" for the original PlayStation. And holy crap, this song is just really, REALLY lonely. I mean Ayu writes about loneliness often, but this one is so sad. In the lyrics she's shutting down her own hopes - she acknowledges that she has hope of eventual reconciliation, but she's talking herself out of it. The song takes us through her mental process of giving up. I just want to hug her.

September 29 - Last angel

"Last angel" was included on the L single in Autumn 2010, and then it appeared on the full-length album Love songs that December. It's a highly structured epic dance song, but it has a dark ballad feel to it.


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